September 25, 2008

Urban Heat Island Surface Analysis


Determine the contributing factors that lead to the elevated surface temperatures observed from ASTER Satellite Thermographs taken of City of Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport


Install meteorological stations within airport boundary. Identify surface material types, locations and design using engineering drawings and aerial photography.  Measure surface temperatures using infrared thermography over two, 24-hour periods.  Analyze results and identify correlations between surface temperature and a variety of factors.


The results of the surface characterization and temperature field study indicated that the asphalt based parking lots and aircraft aprons maintained elevated temperatures during the day and into the night. The airport has now implemented a plan to incorporated alternative pavements into their renovation projects for long term parking.


Summer 2005

Resulting Publication

Carlson, J. 2006. Quantifying the diurnal thermal variability of urban surface pavements in a hot climate region. Thesis (M.S.) Arizona State University