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December 5, 2016

Congratulations Professor Ram Pendyala!

Professor Ram Pendyala has been awarded a Tier 1 University Transportation Center (UTC) by the US Department of Transportation.  This center, titled Teaching Old Models New Tricks (TOMNET), is one of just 20 Tier 1 Centers awarded nationwide from among 200+ proposals submitted for the competition.  This is the first and only UTC grant ever made to a university in the State of Arizona in a lead role and establishes ASU as a leader in transportation research and education.  The TOMNET center consortium members include Georgia Tech, University of Washington, and University of South Florida.  Congratulations to Ram and his team!

For more information, see the article “ASU set to play leading role in planning future of nation’s transportation systems” at https://fullcircle.asu.edu/research/18813/

About TOMNET: The TOMNET center seeks to significantly enhance the data modeling and analytical tools used to plan infrastructure, operate multimodal transportation systems, and optimize passenger movements, in service of FAST Act research priority 1: improving mobility of people and goods.  Through an explicit consideration of human factors and choice behaviors that influence people’s movements in cities, the center aims to enable the planning of smarter transportation systems that improve mobility and accessibility for all. In view of its emphasis on improving regional travel demand forecasting models that encompass all modes of travel, the center’s focus is completely multimodal and highly multidisciplinary as it seeks to integrate methods and perspectives to solve complex and grand transportation challenges.