September 25, 2008

Pervious Concrete Construction Testing


To better understand the mechanical, thermal and storm water performance of pervious concrete located in a hot arid climate.


Test the compressive and flexural strength of pervious concrete samples during and after lot construction. Install temperature and moisture sensors within a pervious concrete parking lot system for several months.


This was the first pervious concrete parking lot in the Phoenix region and was also the first study to show the thermal gradients with pervious concrete. The results of this study have been used as an example by the City of Glendale and other cities in Arizona to install their own permeable parking areas. The mechanical testing results have also lead to an increase understanding of the anticipated strength and the appropriate testing procedures for pervious concrete.


Summer Fall 2007

Resulting Publication

Carlson, J., Golden, J., Arab, M., Zapata, C, and Kaloush, K. (2008). “Evaluations of Pervious Concrete Pavements Used to Mitigate Environmental and Climatic Impacts.” Journal of Environmental Management. (submitted)