September 25, 2008

Evaluating Thin Whitetopping Test Section in Arizona


Implement a new concrete mix design that utilizes recycled plastic fibers for added strength and durability.


Construct an in service highway exit ramp using several variations of the fiber modified concrete. Conduct several types of mechanical and thermal tests to determine several important properties of each mix. Monitor that subsurface temperature and field performance for several months after construction.


This test utilized a unique mix that improved the strength of the concrete while increasing the albedo greater than normal asphalt concrete.


Fall 2006

Resulting Publications

Kaloush, K., Mobasher, B. Zareh, A. Way, G., and Golden J., “Evaluation of Thin Whitetopping PCC Test Sections in Arizona”. Third Gulf Conference on Roads (TGCR06), March 6-8, 2006, Muscat, Oman.