September 25, 2008

Cylindrical Thermal Conductivity Testing Apparatus


Measure thermal conductivity, an important material property for thermal analysis, using a cylindrical sample geometry.


Developed a new test procedure and apparatus that measures the thermal conductivity of insulation materials such as pavements and other building materials. Determine accuracy and repeatability of the test apparatus through extensive statistical testing.


Accurate thermal property information for pavement and building materials is required for urban climate modeling. Most thermal conductivity test require a slab type geometry which is not easily available for many pavement materials. This innovative testing procedure uses the same cylindrical samples that are used for structural testing of concrete allowing both thermal and mechanical property testing without require separate sampling procedure.



Resulting Publication

Carlson, J., Bhardwaj, R., Phelan, P., Kaloush and J.S. Golden (2008). Determining Thermal Conductivity of Paving Materials Using Cylindrical Sample Geometry.  ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering (submitted)