June 11, 2007

ASU Art Museum visitor parking lot

Location: Tempe, AZ
Status: Completed

Parking is at a premium at ASU, especially at the ASU Art Museum. So, when what little parking we have is further reduced by flooding, the problem escalates. The NCE is working with CEMEX USA, Progressive Concrete Works, Inc. and the Arizona Cement Association to replace a conventional asphalt parking lot with pervious concrete. The project will include alternative water and landscaping design for Urban Heat Island mitigation as well as enhanced aesthetics to compliment the Art Museum’s beautiful architecture.

Construction took approximately 2 weeks. The NCE will be monitoring many environmental parameters in real time once the project is completed. This will be the first pervious concrete parking lot in the City of Tempe. More information and photos will follow after the project has been completed.

[flv:/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/pervious_creation-1.flv 500 374]