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The Southwest Pavement Technology Program

The SWPT is a collaborative platform to form a pavement alliance in the region and bridge the gap between university research and industry. The idea of the program has grown from a grassroots effort and rapidly evolved to become an alliance of all pavement stakeholders in the region. Unlike many other pavement research centers in the United States in which the sole funding source is the state DOT, the SWPT will be launched as a partnership of all stakeholders. Arizona State University’s unique consortium setting allows for active participation and engagement of critical stakeholders and a sustainable future for the organization.

The SWPT will support the prioritization of projects and identify/design new infrastructure solutions that are safer, more cost effective, and more durable than the traditional approaches and will provide a talented and well-trained workforce to the industry. The SWPT will also be poised to provide scientifically robust solutions for the practical needs of stakeholders, and it will accelerate the pace of infrastructure innovation. New research frontiers can be effectively added to the research portfolio, including sustainable use of recycling; thermally efficient pavement surfaces; incorporation of resilient, innovative fibers and additive technologies; sustainable management of transportation assets; and advances in data science.